A Baby is God’s Opinion that Life Should Go On -Carl Sandburg

newborn baby

My dear friends:

Amidst all this darkness, there is light. Amidst all of this fear, there is goodness. Amidst all this hate, there is love. Amidst all this death, there is life.

That’s the miracle of the Jesus birth story, and that’s the miracle of the birth of each and every one of you; of each and every one of your children.

This Sunday we will have an all ages worship in which we celebrate the ordinary and extraordinary in sacred birth story. We will hear about the birth of Jesus, the birth of Buddha, the birth of Confucius, and the birth of the Bolton (Jonas) twins. The miracle of our community is that children and youth can worship with adults–we can come together as a full community–all generations represented–to celebrate life in story and song. We need each other, don’t we? Join us at 10:30 in the sanctuary at 11 Washington St. Sherborn, Massachusetts. There is childcare for the littlest of the babes. Come! We’ll be waiting for you.

See you in church, beloved whole community.


A Child is Born
Now out of the night
New as the dawn
into the light
oh this child, this innocent child
soft as a fawn
blessed this morn,
a child is born
one small heart
one pair of eyes
one work of art
here he lies
trusting and warm
blessed this bond,
a child is born


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