This is a great post on the missional church.

Sunflower Chalice

I am not a fan of the fascination with Church Growth.  Not because there is anything wrong with growing your church or churches in general or even your denomination such as the Unitarian Universalist Association.  What bothers me about the focus on church growth is that I often find the discussion limiting and limited.  Rarely does the conversation leave the topic of numerical growth. How many members? How much money is in the budget?  My concern is one that is at least 40 years old in the Unitarian Universalist Association (see my previous post about Rev. Harry Hoehler’s statement on growth from 1969). The concern is that when we focus on numerical growth, all our mission in the world becomes is to make more of us – more of us in our congregation, more of us in the Unitarian Universalist Association, or more of whatever your faith community…

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  1. Anne Lafleur

    This makes so much sense to me. In short, focus on quality, not quantity. If “love is the spirit of our church, and service its law”, how deeply and broadly do we live that in the world? If someone has to actually step inside and attend a service in order to know magical things happen in our church, there is more work to be done.


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