We know you can’t always make it to church on Sunday morning. You can, however, use the vast variety of resources available to you to bring church home to you. I will keep this list updated as much as possible.

Unitarian Universalism

Unitarian Universalist Area Church in Sherborn, MA:

Information on upcoming local conferences, programs, trainings and learning experiences can be found at the regional UUA website:

The UUA website can be found here:

The Church of the Larger Fellowship has weekly online worship for those of you who cannot come to church on Sunday:

And the CLF has Religious Education Resources for the home:

Read the UU World (our Unitarian Universalist online magazine here):

The Radical Spirit is an online journal of Unitarian Universalist hope created by Unitarian Universalist seminarians. [To hear a familiar voice, click this link:]


My favorite blog on parenting faithfully written by Glennon Melton:

UU parenting by Michelle Richards:

UUA recommended parenting resources:

The Center for Parenting Education:

Well Parenting blog from the NY Times:

Religion Websites

Religious is a wealth of information and non-sectarian: is a fantastic website “hosting the conversation on faith”…links to a bajillion blogs and resources from most world religions/theological/atheist perspectives:

Fantastic Christian resource for lifelong faith development at home (can be “translated” and borrowed from by non-Christian UUs):

Feminism and religion:

Amazing research on conservative vs. liberal religious ideology from a diverse team of theologians, psychologists, sociologists, and other scholars:


Oremus Bible browser is the best way to look up biblical passages from the New Revised Standard Version of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles:


An exhaustive resource on atheism including atheist websites, book reviews, etc. put out by Dr. Wesley Wildman and the Boston University School of Theology.


The UUpdates aggragator provides news from the UU blogosphere and Twitter feeds:

UU Youth and Young Adult blog:

Multigenerational Ministry

A Family Under One Sky: Mutigenerational Ministry from UU University 2009, a 4 part workshop.

Part 1: The Creation of Paradise:

Part 2: Barriers and Brokenness:

Part 3: Paths to Healing:

Part 4: “Somebody’s Calling My Name”:

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